Accounting & Finance

Whether it is for accounting entries for book-keeping purposes or a “full-accounting” solution, Ebene BPO delivers suitable solutions that help to work closer with your customers. For the past ten years, we have tailored our contribution with accounting firms in France, the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg and Mauritius and our team members are all trained to cater for any particular requirements in accounting and finance. Ebene BPO is a mean for accounting firms to focus on value-added services towards their customers and such approach shall help for customer-loyalty and competitive advantage. Ebene BPO’s service-offering includes the following:

  • Order-to-cash / Accounts Receivable
  • Procedure-to-pay / Accounts Payable
  • Records-to-Receipt / Reconciliation
  • Fixed Assets Management

Accounting & Finance

1. Improve efficiency

  • Better schedule management and deadline
  • Scalable and flexible solutions

2. Enhance control

  • Up to date accounting figures
  • Close attention on the accounting documents available

3. Quality

  • Systematic checks and verification prior to sending back to the accounting firm.
  • Guarantee for advanced technological know-how
  • Constantly trained staff
  • Dedicated staff for each customer

4. Security and confidentiality

  • Strict data protection and confidentiality standards
  • Respect of DGPR (EU Rule 2016/ 679)

5. Respect of accounting rules and standards

  • IFRS compatible accounting service offering
  • EU trained staff (International standard training)

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