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Marketing data

Ebene BPO delivers tailor-made data entry services. Over the past years, we have developed strong relationships with marketing specialists in the retail industry, agro-industry and other organizations that need to have their data digitalised.

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Data Entry and Document Management Solutions

Our bilingual staff(English and French) will put at your service their knowledge and expertise for all your data entry needs.

Our hassle-free services include the collect, scanning and data entry of all kind of documents. We deliver all data treated in a file compatible with customers’ data base software. Hence, the file can be easily integrated in the client’s data base system.

Ebene BPO also puts at his partners’ disposal an efficient tool for the electronic management of all data treated. This true document-management tool allows files dropping, file search and consultation.

Architecture Ebene PBO

Data Entry

  • Forms
  • Customer Files
  • Marketing coupons
  • Survey
  • Catalogue creation
  • Flyers tagging
  • Translation
  • Customer Data Base (Creation and update)

Benefits from Ebene BPO for your data entry

  • Cost efficiency
  • Improves project deadline
  • Optimise your company data-base
  • Deliveries that respect all your requirements
  • A complimentary Effective document management tool