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Accounting & Finance

Ebene BPO provides accounting outsourcing services bundle with a document management tool. Our offer is a combination of optimized solution and tools that cater for Accounting Firms and companies needs, eager for more value-added responses through process outsourcing.

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Ebene BPO articulates its offer around these two methods

Totally-managed service

Once all accounting documents for the relevant period have been scanned and transferred to Ebene BPO, our team members shall finalise all ledgers. Our deliveries are fully compatible to all major accounting software and they are carried under the supervision of a Chartered Accountant.

Resources "as a service"

Upon request, we can put at your disposal qualified staff that shall connect on your accounting system and treat all the needs that you may have, may, it be for one hour or longer periods.

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Ebene BPO’s service-offers include the following

  • Order-to-cash / Accounts Receivable
  • Procedure-to-pay / Accounts Payable
  • Records-to-Receipt / Reconciliation
  • Fixed Assets Management

Besides taking care of these functions, Ebene BPO will also cater for your document-management needs in the sense that we put at your disposal an effective tool for the electronic organization of accounting documents, called Ebene’doc.

  • Organising and storage of accounting documents
  • Provide more autonomy to the “ end-users” in the management of document flow
  • Efficiency and effectiveness in document-management

* The work entrusted to us is carried out under the supervision an accountant.

Our guarantees


Take full advantage of our performance

  • Your book-keeping managed in a guaranteed time
  • Stay in control of your accounting data (ACCA)
  • Data treated in a secure environment
  • Your account always manage by the same staff
  • All entries supervised by a qualified accountant
  • Software (Pastel, Sage, ...)